Dear readers,

First of all, the administrators would like to thank you for visiting this websites and your support is our drive to continue working on this websites.

We would like to wish you a happy new year.  For the year of 2010, lets shine and bring forth our support for Li Yuchun and may we all bask in the warmth of Yuchun’s success!  Nevertheless, may year 2010 be another marvellous year for Yuchun!

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43 thoughts on “Messages

  1. yah i love chun chun all song she so nice
    nd pls put all chun chun new photo this yr 2010
    nd i wish chun chun hve more song album nd single album
    chun chun 4 ever

  2. happy new year to the admin people too
    thanx guys for all the hardwork, the info, news, photos and more and more
    yah, i also wish chun chun will get all the best she can get and may she always be sucessful always
    love her forever too

  3. please I want to know more about chun chun!! chun chun & I are the same but she is so fame & famous. I admired her. I love her. I want to be friend with if possible…
    can we?

    • I can only think of two options. One is applying for a job at her company, the other is becoming a celebrity yourself and make friend with her. Both may not happen tho.

  4. It is good if i can be an employee of her company. At least I can create a website
    and blog for her … ha ha as you said it will not be happen.

  5. xie xie everspring ur so nice coz u hlp the all chun chun fans
    nd thankz also in this website nd the administrators
    i will support Li Yuchun 4ever….

  6. The website does amaze me for the owner’s fine and smooth heart!!
    Chris lee is the example of all the teenagers nowaday, I admire everyhing she does!
    Wish her next great success and splendid website!! Let’s go ahead together!!

  7. Baby chris lee I Iove you and I hope you can happy everyday
    Trust me,I will love you forever……Baby………..

  8. Thanks for your website..i can get to know this Chun chun a lot. I can’t read chinese and this website help me a lot…

    To Chris Lee,

    Keep up ur good work..ur music…keep to be urself ..the true you…we like the true you. so just be urself…

    Jen Jen


    You make me hear CHINESE SONG….now ur songs inside my iphone..Hope you will always be happy..May God Bless you…because your personality…a true you ..that why your song so inspiring..keep make music..i’m a drummer…i like music much just like you.

    Jen Jen…Malaysia..will support you for WHO U ARE…LI YU CHUN..

  10. Hi, everspring

    Longtime did not see you update this website. I would like to know how is Li Yu Chun now…
    Thanks for your website. i browse it almost every night with my phone

    Thanks. Pjen

    • sorry I have been very busy with my personal issues. but I will try to put aside a little of my time everyday to update chun’s news.

      • Hi everspring,

        I would like to contribute to chris Lee too…as a fan in Malaysia. is hard to get her news in paper…anything i can ask me..although im not anybody in Malaysia and im not talented..if you need my help to edit photo or do video editing about chris Lee….to promote more bout her do let me know..i know a bit video editing..

        As her fan, i hope i can do something for her. i cant attend her concert, but i do buy her original CD and i hope everyone will try to know her.once they watch one of Chris Lee interview or concert sure they will like her.

        Ok Thanks everspring..chris Lee need us to support her.

      • I am not in any yumi group, and I just keep up this site with myself. yet I am not sure if I have enough time to do the video stuff…so you wanna lend me a helping hand, I think you can help polish the languange here 🙂 coz I may squeeze my time to translate her inverview and it will be a big challenge for me. XD

  11. hello, I think u can read Chinese, so I will type Chinese then.
    我是来自海米群的, 我们群聚集的主要是散布在全球的玉米们,当然,主要还是以中文为主的。另外我们有一个技术群,专门是制作英文化字幕的歌曲,演唱会等,上传到Youtube,群内有各种分工。我看到你说,你想翻译访谈,我们目前已经翻译了最近的那一期鲁豫有约,并做完了字幕,上传到了Youtube上面,你可用liyuchun进行搜索。同时还包括以前MV、演唱会等。对于春春的每一首歌,我们基本上都有英文翻译版歌词。

    If u can not read Chinese, following is my poor English,
    we have a oversea YUMI QQ group, and a Youtube group, we translate all the songs, MV, concerts, made captions for the video, then upload to Youtube.
    We also have translated the interview of LUYUYOUYUE, u can search them on Youtube by keyword LI Yuchun.
    If u haven’t join any group, we wish u think about us, join us.

    Pls contact with us.

  12. Que alegria te ver cantar. Ficaria muito honrado com sua presença no Brasil. De preferência em minha casa. És bem vinda aqui. Te adorei. Caso com você. Ontem…..

  13. the website so great but I have one problem

    m not chinese althouge am learning chinese but am still cant understand most of the songs and interviews so….. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee translate every thing she doing >>
    I know that kinda hard but there is many things I’m trying to understant but that too hard<<<if you translated my chinese will be better 🙂

    the last thing (pleeeeese subtitle when li yuchun was in happy camp show 2008 the episode was so amazing but….just need a subtitle)

    I talked alot but realy nice websit and nice work
    thank you

  14. the website so great but I have one problem

    I’m not chinese… althouge am learning chinese but am still cant understand most of the songs and interviews so….. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee translate every thing she doing >>
    I know that littlebit hard but realy that will help to improve my language and have some fun.

    the last thing (translate when she was in happy camp show 2008 the episode was very amazing but sure I dont get every thing ….please 😦 )

  15. can you plase translate happy camp show when they invited li yuchun in 2008

    the episode was amazing bue I dont get every thing.

    so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese ^_^

  16. Hai,

    My name is Merkia & i’m 20++ years old. I saw youn in one movie called Bodyguard And Assassin in local television in Malaysia today. You look cute if without makeup. And also you look beautiful if your hair are long. That’s all for today because my English language is not to good. Don’t forget visit my blog at

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