粉末 (Dust, Bodyguards and Assassins Theme) Lyrics&Translation

AOAEO 出发 (Theme Song for Monkey King animation series) Lyrics&Translation

湘江的笔画 (The Strokes of Xiang River) Lyrics

蜀绣(Shu Embroidery) Lyrics&Translation

Why Me Lyrics&Translation

一开始就知道(I Know From The Very Beginning) Lyrics&Translation

用爱点亮希望(Light the Hope with Love) Lyrics&Translation

红遍全球(Popular throughout the World) Lyrics

梨花香(Pear Blossom) Lyrics&Translation

倾国倾城(Qing Guo Qing Cheng) Lyrics

相信(Belief) Lyrics

来跳舞吧(Come to Dance) Lyrics

Green Lyrics&Translation

和你一样(Just like You) Lyrics&Translation

爱的太傻(Stupid in Love) Lyrics&Translation

N+1 Lyrics&Translation

唱得响亮(Singing Loudly) Lyrics&Translation

Give Me Five Lyrics

冬天快乐(Happy Winter) Lyrics&Translation

TMD我爱你(TMD, I Love You) Lyrics&Translation


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