Li Yuchun’s New VANCL Campaign

VANCL kicked off its new campaign on May 20th, a special day to say “I Love You” in China. And this time its spokesperson Li Yuchun is boldly demonstrating its slogan “I Love You, with No Fears”.

VANCL’s campaign went online and offline and both turned out to be huge success. The original post by VANCL’s official micro blog on sina had been reposted for 327 thousand times on the same day, a new record of all its online campaigns. And the keyword “Li Yuchun I love you with no fears” has hit the hourly top hit word twice, even beating the recently insanely popular documentary “A Bite of China” and “Mark Zuckerberg’s married”, and being top 3 key words for the whole day.

And at Li Yuchun’s hometown, VANCL bought a huge LED screen on high street for the whole afternoon to launch its brand new ad model, allowing real time interactions that displays all the keyword-included posts (up to 700,000 posts) at sina micro blog on the big screen.

Since last winter VANCL signed Li Yuchun to speak for its brand, the newly registered users till now are twice as much as that of the past two years, according to its official stats. And the campaigns with its spokesperson have played key part for the new user boom. This year, VANCL renewed contract with Li Yuchun for a new VT (VANCL T-shirt) deal. We believe that it will turn out to be another success for both of them!

Behind the Scenes

Go to campaign page on VANCL

Go to Chun’s VT page

VANCL Posters









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New posters:




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