Download Folder

We built a folder at 4shared and uploaded many Li Yuchun’s stuff to it. Click here to see what you may like to download to your compuetr and if you want anything concerning chun, please feel free to request it here too.

李宇春 Chris Lee

阿么 Amo

小朋友 Little Kid

少年中国 Youth of China

少年中国 Youth of China

差生 Poor Student

花容瘦 Hua Rong Shou

秀才胡同 Xiu Cai Hu Tong

我的 Mine

漂浮地铁 Floating Subway


爱的12句 12 Expressions of Love

皇后与梦想 The Queen and the Dreams

皇后与梦想 The Queen and the Dreams

舞 Daning


下雨 Raining


Chris Lee

等 Waiting

0.5英里 0.5 Mile

冰菊物语 Ice Chrysanthem


粉末 Fen Mo

Why Me

梨花香 Pear Blossom


爱得太傻 Stupid in Love

唱得响亮 Singing Loudly

3 thoughts on “Instrumental

  1. hey admins, i found these, but they are from China websites, which I dunno how to download.

    Fen Mo (粉末)
    (I didn’t download this, I went to the forum and ask other Yumi-s to download and send to me via email. I got it now, if you guys want can ask me from msn)

    十月围城 the movie instrumental (not much link to chunchun, but it’s just damn nice and since this column is titled “instrumental”. those who watched the movie would totally feel this piece of music. haha. if you can find a way to download this, pls send to me -_- lol. thanks)


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