Futured Report by AJ News

Being named as Asia Hero by the Time magazine, topping the Forbes mainland singer list for 3 straight years, being the first mainland singer and the youngest member to have a wax figure in Madame Russauds, being introduced to the whole world in 9 different languages in the 2008 official Beijing Olympics Games brochure as representation of China……so many glittering titles are all linked to this 28-year-old girl Li Yuchun, now sitting down with us.

Short hair, tall and slim figure, flawless skin and confident smile, these are the first impressions that Li Yuchun gave us. After winning the nationwide televised singing contest hosted by Hunan TV, she has been recognized as the most revolutionary and directive pop singer in curreent Chinese pop music world and her crowning as the super star has a groundbreaking significance that mainland could also has its local idol. This year marks the 20 year anniversary of the establishment of sino-Korea diplomatic relationship, and the Korea Tourism Organization named Li Yuchun as the new Tourism Ambassador for North Korea after careful consideration. After the appointment ceremony, we are glad to have an exclusive interview with Li as the only news media permitted.

Li arrived at Seoul on 19th afternoon. She had some tired look but still was listening tentatively for the questions. Her devotion for work inspires all of us. As Li recalled, this is the 4th time she hit Korea. She was once invited to attend the 2009 Asia Music Fesival and after a while she shot the MV for Why Me with a Korea director. When asked about the impression of Korea, she expressed that it was unfortunate that she didn’t really have a chance to experience the life in Korea as her work has occupied the whole short stay in there. But she revealed she loves K-pop and Korean singers, such as Big Bang and CN Blue.

During the 5-day stay, Li will visit many tourist spots in Korea and film the whole tour into a show to be broadcast on HNTV. Also she will shoot for the cover of the Korean-rooted fashion magazine Ceci. From the airport to the appointment ceremony, Li was surprised to see a lot of her Korea fans following her tracks. She explained with great appreciation to her fans that she didn’t get many opportunities interacting with her foreign fans, so they would take every chance to see her.

In 2005, the 21-year-old girl rose to stardom after winning the nationwide singing contest Super Girls. Her name was well know by every household in China and she successfully caught the attention of foreign media. She then covered the Time magazine, and America Today and BBC also featured her in special report. After the overnight fame, she kept perfecting her professions and accumulating music productions with her own savvy, diligence and persistence. Now she is undoubtedly the most popular singer with great compose and lyrics capabilities and with great singing and dancing arts in China. Her clean and warm voice and her dazzling stage performance get her every big awards and honors a female singer can ever have during the past 7 years. Her debut album “The Queen and the Dreams” released in 2006, with 1.37 millions copies sold, made stunning sales record of the year. And the following albums “Mine”, “Youth of China”, “Li Yuchun” and “Young Dance Artiste” all topped the annual record sales chart. And her own concert brand “Why Me” is a great milestone, creating new concept of solo live concert. It has great commercial success with record-breaking ticket-selling speeds and sales, and is seen as the most iconic show every year.

Li is the epitome of many Chinese 80s’. She is modest, earnest, low-key and motivated, never being satisfied with the achievements she already made. She showed raw and sincere strength of her acting abilities in her debut film Bodyguards and Assassins, which drew many compliments and won many film awards and nominations. Her great acting potential and big drawing power on box office made her the most promising rising star in Chinese big screens.

This is the 7th year since she appeared on stage,when Li was asked if she felt the 7-year itch, she smiled:”This is an interesting word. What I’m doing now is to do my job step by step, with a very down-to-earth attitude. I believe through my efforts, I can redefine the word ‘the 7-year itch’. I’ve reflected on the past and am ready for the next 7-year.”

“I am only in the third year of my college life in 2005. Now 7 years passed in the blink of an eye, and many of my fans are married with kids, I am so glad that I can be part of their life, share their stories and be a witness of their big moments”. Li added, showing deep feelings for her fans in between the words.

After the interview, Li Yuchun got interested in the reporter’s mobile phone stickers, asking about where she could buy some. She love adorable things, just like every other girl in their 20s. The only difference is that she is a fortunate one and adored by millions. We really hope she could always keep her characterisric smile and sing aloud on a bigger stage!

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