Download Folder

We built a folder at 4shared and uploaded many Li Yuchun’s stuff to it. Click here to see what you may like to download to your compuetr and if you want anything concerning chun, please feel free to request it here too.


珍惜 Cherish

为爱感动 Get Moved by Love

海上的月亮 The Moon at Sea

小翅膀 Little Wings

纯真年代 Innocent Age


序幕 Prolouge

我在这里 I Am Here

Why Me 2010

粉末 (Dust, Bodyguards and Assassins Theme)

AOAEO 出发 (Theme Song for Monkey King animation series)

湘江的笔画 (The Strokes of Xiang River)

蜀绣(Shu Embroidery)

why me

一开始就知道(I Know From The Very Beginning)

用爱点亮希望(Light the Hope with Love)

红遍全球(Popular throughout the World)

梨花香(Pear Blossom)

倾国倾城(Qing Guo Qing Cheng)


来跳舞吧(Come to Dance)


和你一样(Just like You)

爱的太傻(Stupid in Love)


唱得响亮(Singing Loudly)

Give Me Five

冬天快乐(Happy Winter)

TMD我爱你(TMD, I Love You)

23 thoughts on “Singles

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  3. mp3 song & video karaoke too. Please can you give??…
    if not you can give the link I can downlad by myself..
    thank you so much..

    • chun only sang it once at a show, and it was a cover. So we don’t have the studio track. but if you want the mp3, I can rip it from the fancam video.

  4. Hiiii……
    can i ask ?
    did u know the pinyin lyrics of I love you more than I can say?
    wer can i find that lyrics ?chun chun nice to sing that song
    izzt one of her song?chun chun so nice to sing that song

  5. do u know where i can get Chun chun’s: 我们的故事 mp3?
    she sung this song in super girl 2006 with another girl!
    i really like it!

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