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This site is dedicated to the one and only Li Yuchun. From her first journey as a singer and entertainer up to her present day. We will try to keep you updated and informed on everything about Yuchun!

This site is a collaborative effort put together by fans or known as the YUMI who met  through their admiration for Yuchun. This site provides a place for her fans from around the world to enjoy a little bit of Li Yuchun. This is an unofficial fan site and is not affiliated with Yuchun or her management in anyway.  

All photos, videos and audio clips uploaded are the property of their original owners and no copyright infringement is intended. The photos uploaded on this site are owned by us or found on various internet image search engines. If there are any concerns regarding the use of the media found on this site, please feel free to contact us and we will immediately remove the picture or video in questions.

77 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Appreciate our mi
    thanks for what you do ,
    But I want to ask this site is for foreign fans??yes or no ,I am sorry about my English ,so bad!!hah

  2. Thank u all.This website is great,and all Chris’ fans will appreciate what u have done.

    Now It’s the time for Chris to be known all over the world.

  3. Here is the greeting from a Yumi in China.It’s really amazing.Fans in China will share more information here with you all.BTW,enjoy the movie-Bodyguards and Assistants that Li acts as a movie.

  4. Awesome job! Really appreciate this!
    BTW, people rushed here today as someone introduced this website in one of Chris’ the Baidu PostBar today…

  5. Chris Lee is a great singer , charming and beautitul too. Me and my friends in Europe all like to see her performing and like to listen to her songs, especially the ones in English !

  6. wow, marvelous site. glamorous Chris. thanks so much for your arduous work. it’s a pretty good way to promote Chunchun.

    YIMI, accompanying Chun, is destined to make wonders.

    PS. I am wondering whether i can join u to contribute what i can to the site.

    • kon ni chi wa!!! glad you come here. just wondering are u the Japanese yumi who went to Korea to see Chun or the one who attended her 1226 beijing concert?

  7. thanks a lot for this site. im her fan from Singapore. reading her news in English here is much easier than reading them in chinese on her official site. Really glad that I have bumped into this site.

    AWESOME! -Kite (From Singapore)

      • haha, it’s “Kite”, not Kate. Wow, really? I don’t know any other Yu Mi-s yet. mind introducing me to that admin from s’pore too? The email I left for this comment is my msn/facebook email. Would really like to meet more Yu Mi-s S’pore too 😀

      • She is Snow, you can also call her yukie. I have given her your msn, and I added u too. hope you don’t mind .^ ^

  8. its much easier reading reading about her in english. I spent some of my time in china but not enough for me to read chinese. Li yuchun should be world wide. Unfortunately i can only get a couple of my frenz to know about her and only 1 reely like her.

  9. Though im not a fan of Li Yu Chun, but she’s an interesting phenomena, and she’s mentioned in a lecture by a Cultural Studies professor in my course, here in Melbourne Uni. No wonder she’s THAT famous.

    If one day she decides to keep her hair long, would it be too much a change for you fans?

  10. Dear everspring,

    Thanks for your effort create such awesome website. Im pei jen from Malaysia. Im one of chris lee fan. Do u know…the first time i hear li yuchun song, i never see her face before. I just hear her voice..and i in love with her. i don’t know chinese as i’m studying in Malay school in Malaysia here. But now, i start learn speak and read in chinese because of li yuchun. I don’t like chinese song before this..now i even learn to sing li yuchun song.. ONCE AGAIN THANKS for your website..i am able to know lots about her.

    recently i brought original li yuchun album..2010. but i found that most of the song can be downloaded from this website and other chris li web too…i would like to ask..why would we download from internet? if we want to support chris lee, we should buy her original right? any reason for this, maybe i don’t know…??

    And what li yuchun religion?

    Let continue support li yuchun…FOREVER..

  11. Hello,

    Thanks for make this amazing website about li Yu Chun. Im from Malaysia, cannot read chinese coz studied in Malay school. Thanks again to you coz your website let me learn more bout this amazing girl Li yu chun.

    i never know this li yuchun, but i heard her song….and her voice and i totally in love..and i grab my iphone chasing the chinese educated fren and ask them who is the singer…that only begin i know this singer call li yu chun..(still dono her face) and from that time i start hear chinese song. I not really like hear chinese song before this, but now i even learn to sing along because of li yu chun. I ALSO START LEARN MANDARIN NOW…hehe

    li yuchun is amazing girl, she spread chinese song, dance, around the world….now i can know more about her through ur website…she really unique person..sweet, pretty..and talented..HOPE SHE WILLLLLLLL HAPPPPPY al the time.

    Recently i brought her original CD, 4th album..li yu chun..but i found lots of the song can be downloaded from ur website… i just wonder,,if we want to support her is it we should buy her original album instead of downloading?? but i saw many her song spread widely for downloading..mayb i misunderstood or miss something..can u tell me why? by the way what is li yu chun religion?

    HOPE U CONTINUE UPLOAD MORE NEWS about her.. i always need translate the news bout her from google translation..eyes also pain.

  12. Hi everspring, Im P.Jen from Malaysia. Do u know when Chris lee gonna have her concert..i hope i got chance to attend her concert.. Where is she now? i like her music very much…

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