Top Two Live Concert Promoters Compete for Li Yuchun’s World Tour

A few days ago, Li Yuchun announces her world tour plans in 2012. Aside from the undecided tour dates,the concert organizer has still remained unknown and thus been a hot topic among Li’s fans. According to Li’s studio, the organizing company and the ticketing company get to bid for Li’s live concert this time. Actually a year ago, world’s best concert promoters AEG and Live Nation contacted Li and expresses their willingness to host Li’s live tour in both mainland and overseas cities.

For now, AEG and Live Nation together hold 90% market share of the worldwide live entertainment. Ever since last year, the two companies have been looking for super stars in China who have great potential to extend to global market. Li Yuchun, as the most popular Chinese singer in new era with worldwide fame and strong influence of market, has been the best choice and got their attention very soon. In seven years, Li was reported by the Time magazine twice and is known as the legend singer in China. She has given 15 solo live concerts with almost full audience and been breaking ticket selling record she herself made all the time, from 3 hours, 1 hour, to 30 seconds.

In 2012 Why Me, the two companies send their Greater China President and Aisa Pacific President respectively to attend Li’s live concert watching and evaluating her performance. And a month ago, AEG invited Li to perform at Art on Ice it organized as the chief guest singer, while earlier than that Live Nation invited Li to watch Lady Gaga concert at Hongkong it hosted.

AEG is the world’s best live entertainment agent, it focuses on the north american market and has successfully organized the world tours of Usher, The Eagles. It also has the advantage of the hosting arena for it owns some best stadiums in China. Live Nation is the greatest live concert promoter, promoting the world tours of world’s best singers and bands, including Madonna, Lady Gaga, U2, Coldplay and so on.

We could hopefully see that Li Yuchun’s world tour will be a blast in 2012 live concert market whichever company will be organizing it.


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