Poster and Theme Song Released for Why Me 2010

Yesterday Li Yuchun went on HNTV to celebrate the Lantern Festival with the television audience and brought us a great news. She announced the time and place for the annual Why Me concert, and presented us the official Why Me poster for this year (see it below). After Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, this year, Nanjing got the luck to be chosen as the hosting city of Why Me Concert 2010.

why me concert 2010 poster
(long skirt and bare foot, soooooo innocently seductive!)

Along with the new poster, she also brought the 2010 version of Why Me to the HNTV stage. The new theme song is with a bit country style. Watch it and say if you like it or not (I definitely give it a YES)!

And I believe you must have noticed that Chun is wearing a new haircut! It makes her already cute face even more like a huge baby! See more pic here.
Why Me Concert records Li Yuchun’s growth and accomplichments over the years. And this year, what kind of feast will she be presenting us? Don’t make any assumption, for Chun will always break it and then go wildly beyond it! So let’s just count the days.

4 thoughts on “Poster and Theme Song Released for Why Me 2010

  1. hi,when will chun chun’s Why Me 2010 DVD collection would b sold out?
    n do u have any link so that i can watch d whole WHY ME 2010?

  2. tudou i cant load…but i’ve just found in’s by Yumi 20100327 李宇春南京WHYME演唱會 [BY一棵]

    this was good~
    so right now i m waiting for d dvd 2 come out.

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