Li Yuchun’s Top 10 Big Moments of 2009

No.1 Li Yuchun’s Why Me Concert 2009

Time: March 21, 2009
Place: Guangzhou New Gymnasium
Keywords: birthday, WHY ME, concert brand
Significance:She directed her own concert “why me” concert— an epoch-making idol

The first “Why me” concert happened March 2006, which was just a birthday concert to express her gratitude to her fans and people who supported her.

As humble as the origination, it has become the most shining concert which media and fans expect very much each year

Beyond being a concert, “why me” had become a brand name, representing both good reputation and high box office.

The concert may or may not be a show,

Definitely, it is a gathering of millions of friends

These friends may or may not be her fans

But, without doubt, they regard the concert as a big party to meet and bless to their family-like strangers.

One can imitate the style of the concert, but not the meanings inside it, not the endeavor she has been through

One can duplicate her model, but not the creativity and the wide-spread derivative products that have win her the initiatively

If you ask why and how these miracles happen?

We would say it is just because of her talent, her vision, and also, of course, the unity and persistent of her yumi (the name of her fans)

Special webpage about this concert

watch the concert clips online

Our comments:

When she is on the stage, she control it,

When the curtain falls, when the light turns down, when everybody is leaving,

The stage become part of her, and belongs to her.

Climbers say, do not ask why, because the mountain is there.

For Li yuchun, it is the same

She is born to be on the stage,

With or without audience, it does not matter for her.

What matters is, when the light and music are on, she stand on the stage, quietly.

She sings with her belief.

Why me, charming, show myself  with music, 

Why me, miracles, cause I am Chris lee

No.2 Li Yuchun as Ambassador of International Intangible Heritage Festival

Time: June 1st&2nd, 2009
Place: Sichuan
Keywords: International Intangible Heritage Festival, Sichuan Embroidery, Ambassador

In June 2009, Li Yuchun went back to her hometown, Sichuan Province, and acted as the “ Sichuan embroidery transmission ambassador” for the Second International Intangible Heritage Festival, which is hosted by the Cultural Department of China, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and the Sichuan Provincial Government.  She said, “Intangible cultural heritages are around us. Every young man can find and feel them. Taking care of them is like protecting our national DNA”. Also, she sang a song named “Sichuan embroidery”, which was special made for this activity. Expressed by her fresh voice, the song passed on to us the very “Chinese style”, unique and special. After that, she embroidered the first stitch for the “hundreds meter long. Thousands people embroidering the splendid China”

News coverage
listen to the song

Our Comment:
Intangible cultural heritages, which seem far away from our modern life, are facing the awkward situation of  being lost, disappearing. What should we do to prevent these valuable fortune from dying out? The International Intangible Heritage Committee’s choice of inviting Li yuchun as the transmission ambassador was a really brilliant one. She was the singer that Chengdu was proud of most, she was a young post 80s, and she had the widest audience. Her strong influence wined amazing effects and acceptance for this cooperation. Before leaving, the expert from UNESCO left some words, “Chengdu is in head of the world in terms of protecting the intangible cultural heritages”

No.3 Self-titled Album in Digital Release, Record Sales Remains Unbeaten

Time: August 18th, 2009
Platform: China Mobile Wireless Music
Key World: self-titled, self-composed, self-written; China Mobile Top Album Donwload, Best Seller at Amazon China and

As the most worth expecting album in mainland China, Li yuchun handed her original album “Li yuchun”. For the first time, she wrote lyrics and musics for 10 songs, showing her great talent. Cooperated with China Mobile, this album was first released on the China Mobile Digital Music platform, and hit the top 1, downloaded 6226 times and reached a sale of 8.66 million RMB. Although she just tried writing songs herself for the first time, she won her “the sales award of original albums” in the 2009 Wireless Music ceremony, which was hold by China Mobile.

The CD version of this album was released in Dec 22nd, and just in a few days, it ranked first for annual sale in Amazon China and Dangdang.Com. She, of course, became the Queen without a Crown in music circles. In this album, which was full of creativity and diversity, Li yuchun brought the Chinses music industry a new, fresh, and brand new music storm. In this album, the song “see you, in the next, corner”( 《下个,路口,见》), making people feel the light and romantic Mediterranean wind was blowing off, was downloaded as phone ring for more 2 million times, and was audited and searched for more than 50 million times. It also hit the top 1 of almost all professional music lists, and became a must for people who went to KTV.

listen to the album
li yuchun 2009 album

Our Comment:
When dreams encountered both flowers and thorns, when sharpness encountered human world and miscellaneous, she responded to all the cheers and queries by 10 well written songs released on the digital form, leading the change of Chinese traditional album releasing form. Criticizers exclaimed that this album was new, fresh and various. It was an album of rectification. The media said the style of this album was pure and fresh. Every song was unexpected excellent. Even, some people sighed, one could be somebody in the music industry if he/she could get one of these songs. However, they did notice li yuchun’s effort behind these beautiful melodies. Now, let us listen to her, with our honest heart!

No.4 Best Asain Artist, rise to the top of Korea search engine

Time: September 19th, 2009
Place: Seoul, Korea
Key Word: Best Asian Artist, search query tops NAVER

On Sep 19th night, Beijing time, the Sixth Asian Music Festival’s curtain was closed in Seoul, Korea. Chinese singer Li Yuchun, representing China, won the “best Asian Singer” award, because of her great stage presence and wide influence. She came with her shocking performance “why me” and new song “Amor”. After the show, she roared to No.1 in the Korean search engine Naver, which accounted for 80% of all the searches. The Korean media reported about her about her marvelous show and popularity in Korean. They appraised her as Chinese “national singer”.

li yuchun at asia song festivalli yuchun asia song festival

Our Comment:
We had got used to admiring, imitating and enduring when facing the overwhelming Japanese, Korean, western “wind”. However, after so many years, we met this person, Li Yuchun. Her appearance shocked us, her talent and beauty amazed us, and she brought us hope. She won the No.1 among Asian female singers, she thrilled Seoul’s stage, and she boomed Korean search engine. The sky cannot obstruct her eyes; the ground cannot bury her mind. Old stories, all gone. This is, Liyuchun

No.5 Li Yuchun’s Wax Figure Launch at Madame Tussands Shanghai

Time: September 24th, 2009
Place: Madame Tuassanuds Shanghai
Key Word: Wax Museum, first mainland singer, youngest member
On Sep 24th 2009, singer Li yuchun showed up in Madame Tuassanuds Shanghai, unveiled her own wax statue, which cost a half year to make. 
By right of her own character ethic and social influence, Li Yuchun became the first female mainland singer in Madame Tuassanuds Shanghai, and also, she was the youngest among all the members. She stood on the music zone area of the stadium, right just beside the pop king, Michael Jackson, writing down her own legend.


Our Comment
the river went east, waves deplete, what did we know about those big figures? Who shall write about and pass on their stories? About history, what we should do was more than just recording. What we want to see was vibrant eternity. Shanghai, towering over other cities from more than 30 cities worldwide, became the 6th city in the world that 200-year-old Madame Tuassanuds chose. The mixture of history and great men indicated the passion on the verge. As the first female mainland singer, Li Yuchun had left her most shining flash and LIVE music style. Her moments would last forever.

No.6 Li Yuchun United with Rock Records to Release Album Overseas

Time: December 10, 2009
Place: Beijing
Key Words: Overseas Release, Rock Records

Ever since her debut in 2005, Li yuchun achieved great success. At the end of the year 2009, she made another significant step. On Dec 10th, Li yuchun announced her cooperation with Rock Records, starting to release her album beyond China. Song Ke, the leaders from Taihe Rye Music, and Zhong Tan, the manager of Rock Records, attended the news briefing. Besides, Zhou Huajian, showed up as the bellwether of Baidu Music Studio. They three old hands go hand in hand to support Li Yuchun, and her music.


Our Comment:

without you, the Chinese pop music would lose part of its splendidness, without you, the mainland Chinese music would lose a symbolic card. Setting off with your blossom youth, touching people with your charming attitude, convincing the world with your amazing and unprecedented singing and writing, sing your music to the whole world. This is your kingdom, and nobody can mimicry. Your music, your domain.

No.7 Li Yuchun’s Screen Debut-Bodyguards and Assassins

Time: December 18, 2009
Place: China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Korea, East Asia Countries
Key Words: Screen Debut, Actress, Fenmo, Theme Song, Box Office, Second Grossing Chinese Film of All-time

In April 2009, Li Yuchun officially joined the new year blockbuster Bodyguards and Assassins, co-supervised by Kexin Chen (Peter Chan), Jiangxin Huang. In that movie, she acted as a “fighting woman” named Fang Hong, the daughter of a theatrical troupe owner, and one of the six righteous persons who protected Sun Yat-sen. On Dec 18th, the movie was on show at the same time in Asia. This movie, which took Kexin Chen and Desen Chen (Teddy Chan) ten years to prepare, received rave reviews. Almost everyone spoke highly of it. Moreover, Li Yuchun, who “shocked” the big screen for the first time, was also widely accepted. They said, “She is really a surprise”. The director, Kexin Chen, appraised her that her performance remind him of Brigitte Lin’s first showing up, and her fight in the movie was no bad than Donnie Yen. Besides, the production crew said Li yuchun herself alone could contribute to 50 million box office income. In fact, later, a TV program said she brought at least 100 million box office for this movie. In addition, the theme song Powder ( fen mo《粉末》) was also very catching and attractive. When the movie was just on shown, Yu mi (fans of Li yuchun) even booked whole theatres to support her and the movie. Thus, Bodyguards and Assassins became a movie with the largest number of movie fans booking theaters, and this was recorded in Chinese World Records Association’s database. By far, the movie has broken 300 million box office income in mainland China, and achieved good success in Hong Kong, China, and Tai wan, China.


Our Comment

If Li Yuchun wants to act in a movie, she would have done it years ago. She always say she is a singer, and for her, acting is like lot. She had this brave and excellent trail, because of two excellent and sincere actors, a touching story, an appropriate role. Bodyguards and Assassins, a movie made with heart, absolutely positive won No.1 among all Chinese films in 2009. If you believe the value of the movie, you are going to like it, just like you believe in Li Yuchun. From the champion of Super Girls to a hot young idol, from a winsome queen of stage to a professional singer who did her own projects and producing of musics, now, she had one more title, an actress. This is a perfect time, everything has just started. Let us expect her next showing in movies on the big screen, where she left her fragrance with ages

No.8 Amo Beijing Live Show 2009 Becomes Benchmark

Time: December 26th,2009
Place: Beijing Wukesong Indoor Stadium
Key Words: Wukesong, Amo, concert, Asia’s first, tickets sold off in 3 hours

The Amo concert, directed and designed all by Li Yuchun herself, was on shown on Dec 26th in Beijing Wukesong Indoor Stadium. It was the first time that an Asian singer could give a concert in this stadium. As a “debriefing performance”, the concert went beyond her expectations in terms of creativity, hardware, arrangement, and dancing. Hence, it refreshed many records. All the 18000 tickets were sold out in three hours, the situation coming with it is that it was even hard to find one ticket available. The lucky 18000 audiences witnessed a new start with Li yuchun

watch the concert clips
li yuchun beijing live show

Our Comment:

this concert built many markers, becoming the role model for other concerts.

Marker 1: this was the first time that Wukesong Indoor Stadium embraced an Asian singer. Since built, Wukesong Indoor Stadium was the best concert place in Beijing, because of its extraordinary video, audio technology and its international standard stage. Before Li yuchun, only foreign stars like Beyonce and Avril had chances to give concerts here.

Marker 2: the advanced way of selling tickets was another first in China. The concert used the most advanced on-line seat choosing program. To ensure the ticketing selling and choosing process to be successful, the ticket company tried it ahead. It imitated the on-line choosing process and the potential audience practiced how to buy and choose it on line. This process would be generalized to other performance or concerts in the following times.

Marker 3: ticket sold-out time refreshed the record. On Dec 2nd, the concert officially started to sell the tikets. In three hours, the on line tickets were badly sold out. Within 24 hours, all the tickets were gone. This was the fastest ticket selling in China. One audience only took 31 seconds to get a ticket. On the webpage of the ticket company, it said “Li yuchun Beijing concert is big big boom”.

Marker 4: non-duplicable LIVE show. The whole concert is a big carnival, filled with city street scenery, vast starry sky, resplendent galaxy, dancing powders, blue seas, bizarre castles……she even played a kind of psychedelic drum machine which was the first time shown in Chinese mainland concerts. Her live performance, injected a new life to each song, presenting the audience a grant audio and video feast.

Marker 5: Li yuchun created a brand new VI. On that day, huge image of Amo made quite a stir. This pioneering work, combining both reality and illusion, brought many creative derivatives, like mouth mask, t-shirt, leading the entertainment trend.

These astonishing and real figures proved Li yuchun’s leading role in mainland China, even among all Chinese hot celebrities.

No.9 Li Yuchun Named Most Influential People of 2000-2010

When: Jan 8th , 2010

Where: Beijing

Event: Li yuchun won the “most influential people of 2000-2010 in culture field”

Key words: China Newsweek

The ten year influence activity was hosted by China Newsweek, which is a cutting-edge authoritative weekly magazine about current affairs. The purpose of this “ten year influential figures” discussion and election is to show the changes in different areas, draw the influential powers and hence the influential figures. The fields involved in this time included culture, media, business, public hygiene, techonology&education, environment, decocracy&legality, sports, press, and knowledge area. Those who won the prizes were appraised and elected by ten authoritative experts from various professions and industries. Li yuchun was given the award “most influential people of 2000-2010 in culture field” The award was presented by Zhang Heping, former Beijing CPPCC Vice-Chairman as well as president of the Beijing People’s Art Theater. He was also the chief planner of Beijing Olympics and the film “The Found of a Republic”.

Word of award presentation: “she is a public celebrity chosen and voted by the common people, becoming a symbol of this entertainment era. What is rare and commendable is that, whether facing screams or disputes, she is not to be swayed, maintaining her original idea and dreams about being a singer, which shows the scare cautiousness and alertness. most influential people of 2000-2010 in culture field, Li yuchun.”



 She set off in an era of traditional music production, but initiated an new era of booming grass roots singer. What she brought went beyond the entertainment industry. It was the rise of the Chinese public awareness. After her, Chinese business entertainment marched on to its unprecedented peak, facilitating social reform and economic growth; after her, the entire people’s entertainment went into a period of great prosperity, free involvements and diversity values found their way out; after her, no one look down on the power of grass roots entertainment, “hot for no more than one year” was just a joke; after her, the depressive mainland music industry was ready to start again, singers from draft program became the backbones of music industry. In the future, we could say with confidence that there would not be other who could reach her altitude. In her era of draft program, nobody could surpass her. This was her, Chinese “most influential people of 2000-2010 in culture field”—Li yuchun, her legend and glory, was continuing……

N0.10 Yumi Love Fund Hit 6 Million

Time: December 2009
Place: Nationwide
Key Word: Yumi Love Fund, Li Yuchun’s Fans Love Fund, 6 Million, charity

Yumi Love Fund was the first special fund donated and named by fans in china, it belonged at CRCF(Chinese Red Cross Fund). Upon Li Yuchun’s call, it had broke 6 million in 2009. Yumi Love Fund was a pioneering action among fans, set a model for Chinese charity work. This was a creation with hearts by Yumi, also a innovation for CRCF.

Official Website:

Our Comment:

For her kind-hearted, we wished all the kind people get good rewards. For we love her, we wished all the people who love others would be happy and healthy. She surprised us so many, thus, we would like to pass on our joys to others. She moved us so deeply, thus we wish to help those in need. The achievement, belongs to Li Yuchun, as well as to all those who love her.
 The breakthrough was a big surprise, but it was no surprise that we share the same belief that the world was bordered while the great love is boundless.
6 million, it was only a start; it would grow with Li Yuchun along the way.
Where there was Chun, there were Yumi and their love for her;
Where there were yumi around, their love for the would last.

To review Li Yuchun’s 2009 is a mission impossible, because we had so many classics and light spots to choose from. We tryour best to make rules and reasonable standards, but we cannot be perfect. Now, we want to end it with “ah,ah,ah,ah,ou,ou,ou,ou”, which exactly express our feelings. However, there is more we want to say. We want to tell her that we are proud of her, seriously. Her diligence is witnessed. On every single day during the year, her schedule is full. How could her squeeze time to learn so much stuff? When does she stay quiet and clear up her mind? When does she usually write music and lyrics? When does she do all the planning, layout, direction, and management work? When does she sleep in a day that has only 24 hours? Think about it, will you be touched? Will you feel heart ache for her? Besides, her endowment is also witnessed. Not everything could be achieved in short period unless one really has talent and gift. She is a person of that kind, intelligent, bright, creative, and full of ideas and undiscovered potentials. We witness her keep surpassing herself, in terms of music, stage performance, planning, and movies. She is just like a climber, for whom, mountain is just over there. For her, dreams and goals are over there, stages and music are just over there.  She has all the qualities needed to be successful, diligent, intelligent, persistent, and innovative. All we should do is believe her and wait her to bring us more miracles.

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